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Paul Dvorak - Senior Editor21 years of service. BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Secondary Education, Cleveland State University. Work experience: Highschool mathematics and physics teacher; design engineer, Preformed Marine Corp. Primary editor for CAD/CAM technology.Email: 

Buckling Analysis with FEA 1
Nonlinear buckling analysis should become routine because buckling is a dangerous mode of design failure
2009 Dodge Journey
Dodge is coming back to its original minivan formula with the Journey, a vehicle about 10 in. shorter than current minivans
Weibull Plots Predict System Reliability
The Weibull plot differs from a normal distribution in that the normal distribution fits data to a bell curve. The Weibull method fits a curve to the data. Even with just a dozen or so prototypes it makes good predictions.
FE Updated: Supercomputing When It’s Needed
The steady increase in desktop computer power always seems overtaken by larger CAD models that need more complex and lengthy analysis.
FE Update: Expecting Too Much from FEA
Creating a mathematical model from a CAD model requires first defining the geometry, loads, and restraints along with a type of analysis, such as linear static or transient thermal.
FE Update: Expecting too much From FEA
For at least a decade, FEA has been guiding design decisions and helping companies avoid having to build and test several prototypes.
FE Update: Simulating Structural Discontinuities Using Springs
Structural joints in any assembly typically present an abrupt increase or decrease in stiffness compared with the surrounding structure.
The Processor Future is Multicore
A close look at the latest processors hints what’s in store for future designs.
FEA builds better bridges
Recent bridge failures have shoved bridge design and analysis to the forefront.
FEA Is Not The Only Way To Solve Thermal Problems
Thermal analyses are the second most frequently performed simulations.
"Go fly a kite" takes on a whole new meaning
Researchers in California believe huge kitelike wind-power generators could tap into the jet stream to supply the world's entire electrical needs.
Ford Fusion SE 2007
The 2007 Ford Fusion with an inline four-cylinder engine and fivespeed manual transmission presents something of a conundrum.
Ford Edge 2007 SEL
You'll notice two things about the Ford Edge: It's bigger than it seems in TV commercials and it's a lot better looking.
Boeing readies fuel-cell demonstrator airplane
Boeing researchers and their European partners plan flight tests of a manned airplane powered only by a fuel cell and lightweight batteries.
Giving designs emotion
It's not how you feel about the design that's important, it's how the design makes you feel about yourself.
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