Patrick Mahoney

Go-karts go green
Fuel-cell-powered go-karts?
2006 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer 4 X 4
$44,805 ought to buy a lot of vehicle, and the 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4 4 is no exception.
The charge of the Battery Brigade
Battery-makers chase different technologies in the race against the Energizer Bunny.
Full-bridge simulator
K148 calibration units from HBM Inc., Marlborough, Mass., simulate full bridges of strain-gage-sensor amplifiers with up to eight input channels.
Taking torque around corners
There are only a few coupling methods that work with high misalignment angles in rotating equipment.
They don't call it the AMERICA'S CUP for nothing
The U.S.A. may have lost its stranglehold on the America's Cup, but next year the Yanks could give the Swiss defender and the rest of the field a sail for their money.
Packaging machinery called big opportunity for controls makers
The total value of all packaging machinery produced within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is expected to exceed 15.6 billion Euros by 2009, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 5%.
Switching CAD systems
Considering a new CAD system? Think twice. Buy once.
Probing the realm of nanomovies
Georgia Tech researchers have built a highly sensitive atomicforce-microscopy (AFM) device capable of imaging 100 times faster than conventional AFM equipment.
The Six million dollar ... Doll?
A fabulous automaton, "The Bird Trainer," relies on interior spring-driven cogs and gears for motivation.
All that glitters does so differently at the nanoscale
Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory have found that gold "shines" in a different way at the nanoscale.
Roller coasters go robotic
German-engineered robots, having proven their "metal" building cars, are poised to take on the entertainment industry.
"Buddy, can you spare a... finger?"
Eyeballs, a severed hand, fingers in Ziplock bags, and back-alley eye replacements.
Ready, aim, dazzle ...
The Air Force Research Lab in New Mexico has developed a "nonlethal" Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle (Phasr), which temporarily blinds the person in its sights.
Protect your business against dangerous information leaks
Modern businesses are frequent targets for information thieves, people who know all sorts of ways of getting into a company's computer system and making off with account numbers, R&D secrets, employee information, and other valuable data.
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