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College Grad Hiring Down but Engineering Down Less; Bad News/Good News -- Fewer Vacancies but Decline is Moderating; A “Don’t Ca
NACE survey: Employers will hire 22% fewer college graduates nationwide this year. * HWOL says Online advertised vacancies dropped 131,000 to 3,117,000 in April. * Engaged employees are more likely to become frustrated and may blame their supervisors for organizational roadblocks. *
New Products: Submerged Arc Welding Catalog
Welding wires and bands for welding and cladding steel products are also featured in the new catalog. It provides guidance on choosing the correct wire and flux for a given application.
2008 Cadillac Escalade AWD
Important …Affluent …Impractical.
Industrial Design: Design the Dyson Way
An art student created a revolutionary vacuum cleaner without knowing a thing about CAD , CFD, or why his idea wouldn’t work. What’s the lesson for other inventors?
Industry Focus: Indy 500 -- Innovating Indy
The heart of Indy racing will always be technology, but innovation and public interest may depend on a new face.
The Second Space Age
Ready for a space cruise? The technology is taxiing to the runway.
What’s new in sustainable packaging
Manufacturers rethink material handling in innovative ways to use less shrink and stretch wrap.
2007 BMW 650i Coupe
This is a driver’s car.
2007 Lincoln MKX FWD
What I disliked most about Lincoln’s five-passenger (midsize) SUV was giving it up.
U.S. packaging machinery surpasses $6 billion
Shipments of packaging machinery in the U.S. reached $6.1 billion last year, an increase of 6% over 2005.
2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 S 1
I took an immediate shine to the Sentra 2.0S.
2008 Ford Escape XLT 4WD
A good way of measuring a car's comfort quotient is to take a long trip and see how you feel after some serious windshield time.
Good Vibrations
Innovations in turntables and loudspeakers didn't end with the breakup of The Beatles. Even today, some audiophiles will shell out 3,000 clams for a tonearm that gently caresses grooves laid down by the likes of Billie, Frank, Miles, and the Fab Four.
Giant fans of wind energy
Windmills aren't what they used to be but then neither is the search for renewable energy sources.
"And a Coke for my cell phone, please."
Someday your cell phone could take the Pepsi Challenge.
What's the Difference?
What’s the Difference Between Ethernet Types? By Jeff Kerns What’s the Difference Between Ethernet Types? Read Now
Electromechanics—the Future Engineering Major By Carlos Gonzalez STEM Education Is About Hands-On Experience Read Now

Bacteria Produces Intricate Spatial Patterning in 3D Materials By Leah Scully 5 Common Types of Gear Tolerances Read Now

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