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Machine Design

Lindsey has been an Associate Editor for Machine Design since 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Cleveland State University. Prior to joining Penton, she worked in product design, packaging, development, and manufacturing. She covers the materials market and other areas of interest for design engineers.

Articles by Lindsey Frick
Scenes from LAB DAY Chicago: Advanced dental materials and desktop tools
Scenes from LAB DAY Chicago: Advanced dental materials and desktop tools
Epoxies for medical device applications
One-component epoxies find use in a wide variety of medical products and can be specially formulated to resist chemicals and meet rigorous biocompatibility standards.
Aluminum-powder 3D-printed part finishes race first 3
Young engineers from Rennteam Uni Stuttgart use 3D printing to win the Formula Student Germany racing series.
How to avoid errors during desktop 3D printing 1

Located in the Whirlpool Building on the Chicago River sits a small shop that helps explain 3D printing to residents and tourists walking about the Windy City. The 3D Printer Experience LLC houses over 20 printers of various brands and offers services like 3D scanning, 3D printing-on-demand, and scheduled tours and classes.

How to 3D Print Plastic Molds and Tooling 2

Machined tooling contributes to the majority of production costs for many small-run jobs. 3D printing can reduce the cost of plastic cores, molds, and tooling, but there are several considerations to examine before choosing this route. Patrick Gannon, engineering manager at Rapid Prototype + Manufacturing LLC, Avon Lake, Ohio, offers a few tips on how and when to 3D print plastic molds and tooling.

Smart Materials Stem From Nature

I think Nature is a giant, and we can learn from it” says Professor Pablo Zavattieri in regards to the famous Sir Isaac Newton quote, “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Dr.

Will the 3D printing revolution kill engineering jobs? 14

How many engineers will it take to design a light bulb in five years? Depending on how much engineering logic will be replicated and automated, the answer could be zero. The largest factory for 3D printing in the world, Materialise, Plymouth, Mich., has been around for more than 20 years.

National Naval Aviation Museum, machine design, compressor, aircraft, design
The National Naval Aviation Museum Celebrates Fifty Years
The National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Fla., celebrates 50 years of educating aviation enthusiasts and saluting veterans. These photos and stories of aircraft design are true examples of engineering challenges and accomplishments.
Additive manufacturing comes to metal foam
Ordered-cell metal foam helps move heat and absorb impact. Researchers are combining old and new methods of sand casting to make the material.
Redesigning with thermoplastic elastomers
Engineers redesign products with thermoplastic elastomers to ease problems associated with the growing aging population.
How to become a freelance engineer 1
I dipped my toe in the freelance pool as an independent designer in 2007, the same year I graduated from college with a degree in a mechanical engineering.
Longer life for automotive LEDs
The right materials help LEDs beat the heat on cars and trucks.
Honda locks steel to aluminum with 3D design 1
A new way to lock steel to aluminum without spot welding.
New materials from NASA labs
Besides planning space flights, NASA is also pioneering new materials that come in handy for less-exotic applications.
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