Larry Berardinis


For more than two decades, Lawrence (Larry) Berardinis served on Machine Design and Motion System Design magazines as an editor and later as an associate publisher and new-business development manager. He's a member of Eta Kappa Nu, and holds an M.S. in Solid State Electronics. Today, he is the Senior Manager of Content Programs at ASM International, formerly known as the American Society for Metals.

Set them free
A few months before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a Scottish economist named Adam Smith published a book that helped birth the free-market
Randy Pausch: Tough as steel
Earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the Super Bowl champions of the National Football League, as they battled back from a three-point deficit
In Response
No shortage of talented engineers I'm sorry I missed the opportunity in December to contribute to the discussion regarding the engineer shortage in the
From soft heads, soft leads
Piracy is alive and well in the 21st century, and not just in the shipping lanes along the Somali coast. With increasing regularity, online data pirates
Surprise, surprise
Unless you live in Berkeley, Calif., Monday, October 13, 2008, is Columbus Day, commemorating one of the most significant events in America's storied
What's in your robot?
A few weeks ago, at the Worldwide Graphical System Design Conference in Austin, Texas, I had the pleasure of leading a discussion on robotics among a
The Lego connection
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy which would be okay, I suppose, if Jack was a banker or actuary, but if he designs motion systems for a living,
Calling all innovators
Here's a challenge, and a shot at a prize, for all you engineers with inventive minds. Elisabeth Eitel writes about a motion device unlike any other ... inspired by a snake.
Words of wisdom
David F. Giannetto, by any measure, has a tough job. A high-level business consultant who specializes in operations efficiency and management effectiveness,
Baseball by the numbers
The start of a new Major League Baseball season is upon us, marking a tradition that goes back to May 4, 1869, when the world's first professional ball
A [better] formula for success
I usually don't publish letters in my editorials. But I'd be shortchanging everyone if I didn't make an exception in this one case. It comes from Nathan
A formula for success
Engineering, as practiced in its various forms, rests squarely on the development, transfer, and application of systematic problem-solving techniques.
What's new in 2008
It is with great anticipation that we, the editors of Motion System Design, send out our first issue of 2008. As in previous years, we went back to the
Vene, vede da Vinci the epilogue
For the past year, we've been discussing the mind of Leonardo da Vinci and the intellectual qualities that helped make him one of the greatest innovators
Vene, vede da Vinci Corporalita
For several months we've been discussing creativity, focusing mainly on the state and function of the mind. This month we consider the mind-body connection,
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