Kenneth Korane

Managing Editor
Machine Design

Ken serves as Managing Editor of Machine Design. He has 25 years of service and holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. His prior Work experience: includes Product engineer at Parker Hannifin Corp. and mechanical design engineer at Euclid Inc. Ken is the primary editor for fluid-power technology.

Articles by Kenneth Korane
The benefits of custom components
Modifying off-the-shelf parts or customizing from scratch can simplify R&D and speed production.
Plastic cam followers outperform metal
Cam followers with plastic rollers run faster and quieter, need no lubrication, and are suitable for clean rooms and harsh environments.
New surface-inspection techniques improve hydraulic cylinder rods and seals
A new inspection technique helps improve the surface finish of hydraulic cylinder rods, leading to dramatically longer seal life
Hannover Fair: Robotic bird demonstrates efficient flight
SmartBird, an autonomous, self-propelled biomechatronic bird, can take off, fly, and land all on its own.
Hannover Fair: Luminescent markers detect counterfeit parts
Luminescent pigments in or on parts can be used to verify part authenticity.
Quick parts from a new source
One major parts supplier also offers rapid-prototyping and manufacturing services.
Hannover Fair stresses efficiency, sustainability
Exhibitors from around the globe were touting innovations that built on a theme of “smart efficiency” at last month’s Hannover Fair in Germany.
Adhesives that stand up to harsh chemical environments
Here’s how engineers can select adhesives, sealants, and coatings that withstand harsh chemical environments
A simpler way to predict bolt preload
Generalized torque coefficients and a universal torque table give engineers an easier path to accurate bolt preloading
Understanding the basics of autofrettage
Autofrettage lets engineers reduce tubing thickness in high-pressure applications without sacrificing strength, life, or safety
“Smart Efficiency” the Theme at the Hannover Fair
World’s largest industrial trade fair focuses on energy efficiency and condition monitoring.
Hydraulic Hose Handles the Pressure, and the Heat
New types of hose handle tougher pressure, temperature, and environmental demands.
Hydraulic Accumulators Tame Shock and Vibration
Accumulators help ensure smooth, quiet, and safe operations.
Motion-Control Valves Solve Equipment-Instability Problems
Overcenter or motion-control valves let machines safely hold and control loads. They’re especially handy in solving instability problems on equipment with long, slender booms
Valve Terminals Raise Machine Performance and Improve Efficiency
Capabilities of today’s valve terminals include controlling pneumatic and electric drives, handling hundreds of I/O, performing diagnostics and condition monitoring, and motion control.
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