Kenneth Korane


Ken Korane holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. In addition to serving as an editor at Machine Design until August 2015, his prior work experience includes product engineer at Parker Hannifin Corp. and mechanical design engineer at Euclid Inc. 

Robotic dragonfly takes flight

A small and ultralight UAV developed by engineers at Festo, Esslingen, Germany, reportedly can match the highly complex flight capabilities of a dragonfly. Called the BionicOpter, the robotic insect can fly in any direction — even backwards — turn and accelerate quickly, hover, and glide without beating its wings. It’s said to be the first aircraft that flies like a helicopter, plane, and glider.

Raising the bar on adhesive performance
The newest cyanoacrylates offer fast bonding, excellent strength, and high heat resistance.
Drones come down to Earth: UGVs and driverless vehicles a reality 11
Autonomous haul trucks that drive themselves offer a glimpse at the future of mining.
High-flow valve is smaller, lighter 1
A new pneumatic valve is half the size and weight of similar valves, and its angled design permits high flow rates
Who’s to blame for bogus mpg? 1
The EPA is fielding complaints from new-car buyers regarding overly optimistics fuel-efficiency ratings. But manufacturers, for the most part, get to do their own testing.
Name that control valve
Instrumentation and fluid-control valves come in many versions. But individual valves typically perform just one task well.
How to avoid electrical hazards with air logic
Pneumatic controls are a viable option when electrical hazards can’t be tolerated
Google’s got nothing on Cat
Much has been made of Google’s self-driving cars. Fitted with AI software and an array of sensors, the computer-controlled fleet recently surpassed 300,000 road miles without an accident
Die casting takes on machining
Net-shape castings that eliminate machining operations can cut costs
Protecting fluid circuits with edge-welded bellows
Compensating for expanding fluid protects equipment and prevents leaks.
Two sides of a green-energy failure
This issue of Machine Design has a focus on energy, with a look at developments related to efficiency, storage, alternative fuels, and the like. Last year in a similar edition, we reported on some of the research funded by the Dept. of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E).
Advanced Assembly Techniques for High-Performance Plastics
Engineers switching from metal to PEEK need to revisit how they assemble the parts
Polycarbonates GO with the FLOW 1
A new class of highflow polycarbonate copolymers meets or exceeds the physical and mechanical properties of traditional materials with better molding characteristics
Options for designing the best hinge
Hinges with spring pins, instead of solid pins, can lower costs and extend life
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