John Gyorki

Vision Sensors
The PresencePLUS P4 OMNI and the P4 BCR vision sensors read dotpeen bar codes, which are frequently used in government UID applications as well as the automotive and aerospace industries.
"Flying Truck" ready for road test in the sky
The Dynalifter, a 120-ft-long, heavier-than-air, two-seat blimp/airplane hybrid lands like an airplane so it doesn't need a ground crew like traditional airships, say designers Brian Martin and Robert Rist.
Feedback on speed
A novel process offers an inexpensive way to monitor the speed of small permanentmagnet motors.
Flexible IR cameras see around corners
High-resolution infrared cameras let users see hot components in such settings as electrical cabinets.
Electromagnetic simulations guide electrode design in novel cancer treatment
The vector plot is a cross section of a four-electrode array.
2000 Cavalier: Same old, same old
I currently own a '98 Cavalier sedan and was curious to find out what exciting things might have changed over the past two years. But I was a bit disappointed.
Tips For Designing Clean-Room Equipment
Mechanical components intended to run in clean rooms for wafer fabrication must comply with uniform industry standards that dictate the number and size of particles they can generate.
2000 GMC Safari -- Not for hunting elephants
The first thing I noticed about the Safari as I boarded her was that I had no place to plant my left foot.
Closed-Loop Servo Puts Spring Force On Target
The retention force of a spring is difficult to set accurately under a mechanical assembly press when it's measured as displacement. But a digital servosystem reliably does the job.
Digital Networks Link Servos To The Factory Floor
The move to distributed networking for factory automation using Ethernet & TCP/IP is widely accepted, but there is also a move, perhaps not so obvious, to digitally networking servosystems using IEEE-1394.
Forgot film? No problem for digital cameras
The world of still-photography is experiencing a revolution, the likes of which we haven't seen since the 35-mm film format became standard for popular consumer use around the 1950s.
2000 Buick Regal -- Fit for a king
To me, the Regal LS compares better to the upscale Toyota Avalon and GM's own Cadillac Seville.
Hybrid instruments deliver more data for the dollar
Test and measurement markets are increasingly demanding hybrid instruments that satisfy both general-purpose and dedicated applications.
2000 Cadillac Seville -- The Golden Section
Cadillac came up with an unusual and interesting way to describe its approach to styling for the 2000 Seville. It's called the Golden Section -- "a measure of aesthetic proportion."
Motor development and reliability center unveiled
Baldor Electric Co. recently completed a new 22,000-sq-ft laboratory for designing, developing, & reliability testing industrial electric motors and drives with capacities as high as 1,000 hp.
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