Joel Orr

Options for the Unemployed
There are many options engineers can explore to increase their revenue stream.
Are You an Employee or an Entrepreneur?
 Entrepreneurship is about you helping other people reach their goals.
Keeping Up With Technology
The pace of technology is so dizzying, it’s easy to get caught up in it. But then we remember we still have work to do.
Orr on Engineering: Practical Realities in Product Design
Product design loops to earlier steps, with corrections and retracing because it is not deterministic. Rather, design is a trial-and-error process in which learning happens along the way.
Orr on Engineering: Take the Blame!
Here is a liberating revelation: When you assume some responsibility for every unpleasant situation that arises in your life, you can then do something about it.
Orr on Engineering: Collective IQ: Digital technology Could Upgrade Our Smarts
Engelbart is known as the inventor of the computer mouse, but, as he says, that innovation was incidental to a much larger vision of collective intelligence
Orr on Engineering: Time: The Undiscovered Country
Keep a time log for a day or two. You’ll need a timer that alerts you every so often
Orr on Engineering: Fake it ’til You Make it: The power of Simulation
Simulation is oddly like the injunction heard from countless self-help teachers and coaches: “Fake it ’til you make it!”
Orr on Engineering: The Engineering Life: Worth Living
My friend and colleague Steve Wolfe once wrote an editorial titled, “Mommas don’t let your sons be engineers!”
How was that model built? Software tells all.
Have you ever had to edit an assembly or a part designed by someone else, or change a model you designed a long time ago?
Joel Orr Commentary: "Ask the Man Who Owns One"
I've been helping engineers buy software and hardware for over 30 years. After experimenting with careful benchmarks and other attempts to quantify and qualify products and vendors, I came to the conclusion that the very best approach to choosing among a variety of software-or hardware-systems is simply user interviews.
Joel Orr Commentary: PDM? PLM? What?
I was invited by a large defense contractor to speak at their annual "PDM Summit." Leading PLM vendors participated, as did two other consulting firms.
Joel Orr Commentary: The Automation of Innovation
Innovation is more than generating novel ideas and products. It is about creating good, profitably producible, highly marketable products, and doing so on a consistent basis. That's the innovation Hamel is referring to in the quote above-not novelty for novelty's sake, but new things that are needed and wanted by the market.
Joel Orr Commentary: Farewell to Trade Shows
The demise of the CAD/CAM trade show has been slow, but it is now almost complete. SME's Autofact is a memory. Reed's National Design Engineering Show is a shadow of its former self, having lost its footing in McCormick Place, and moved to the trade-show "elephants' graveyard"-Rosemont Expo Center.
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