Joel Orr

The nature of design
As a systems manager for Metro Nashville in the early 70s, I helped build one of the first municipal automated mapping systems
The death of e-mail?
People are already rejecting e-mail as their main form of communication in their social lives and are starting to do so at work. What does this mean for engineering organizations and why should you care?
What’s new?
In the engineering and investing worlds, there is confusion about the meaning of “innovation” and “invention.” The trend is to consider an invention as a new creation, and an innovation as a variant of an existing product or process
Be more productive
I love technology that makes me more efficient. Here are some productivity aides I recently discovered. (Some are free. I have no financial interest in any.)
How to make the path of least resistance work for you
I always follow the path of least resistance; and I suspect you do, too. At any given moment, something inside me is taking the vector sum of motivators such as financial pressures, duties, desires, and aspirations
Engineering your internal state
Many engineers share a mindset — a way of looking at the world as a place full of things they can fix or otherwise control. But did you know you can control your internal emotional state
Seven ways to IMPROVE your inner engineering game
Beyond checking your calendar and task list, what are you doing daily to maximize your performance as an engineer
How secure is your job?
The short answer is: Not very. This should not be a big surprise. Even your boss — and her boss — are as concerned about their jobs as you are about yours
Solving problems in context
Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context — a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan,” said architect Eliel Saarinen. I also wrote about this idea in “A Step Up”
Technique boosts your brain power
Numerous researchers have discovered in recent years that if one person can do something, almost anyone can be taught the skill
Betrayed by technology!
Can you trust your electronic devices?
It’s about time
You’ve read countless time-management books, blogs, and workbooks. You’ve been to seminars and workshops. You’ve attended Webinars. But you’re still overwhelmed. There’s too much happening
The secret to Apple’s “insanely great” products (maybe)
A million iPad 2’s were sold in the first week after the product was announced. Apple’s success with the iPad, the iPhone, the iPod, and the Mac makes me wonder
Why Didn’t the Mac Make It as the Standard Engineering PC 3
Concentrating on consumer testing rather than user experience killed the Mac’s chance to reign as the standard engineering PC
Are You an Entrepreneur?
You don’t have to leave your job. But you will gain greatly from learning what it means to be an entrepreneur, and then taking steps to become one.
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