Elisabeth Eitel


Elisabeth Eitel was a Senior Editor at Machine Design magazine until 2014. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fenn College at Cleveland State University.

Open hostility to green technologies: A social-science solution 43
Most engineers would probably say that cold hard facts are enough to settle even the thorniest debates about a technology’s merits. Well, they’re wrong. Amateur skeptics hold a vast array of innovations in contempt. Here we take a look at why.
Case study: Dampers protect dams from vibrations

Special shock absorbers on hydroelectric turbine shafts are helping to prevent the catastrophic failure of a dam in southeast Asia.

Three new pieces of design software for 2014: Product spotlight (in pictures)
New software releases in 2014 include comprehensive reverse engineering, inspection, design, and 3D modeling software to reinvents the engineer’s desktop.
Software lets spacecraft carry heavier loads

Researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center are developing a Common Bus spacecraft made of stackable octagonal rings and off-the-shelf parts to form small landers, orbiters, or rovers. CAD software optimizes each section before it's built.

Stop ultrasonic-sensor noise and crosstalk
Consider scrapyards: These dirty outdoor environments are filled with objects of every shape, size, and material. Controls on machinery that manipulate scrap need sensors to detect when conveyor belts are empty, bales are present, and bins are full.
Motor-powered actuator controls flow on conveyors
Engineers at Mechatronic Techniques, Plano, Tex., recently designed a motor-powered stopper to replace pneumatic and solenoid stoppers on some custom conveyors.
Inverse-kinematics software designs modular robots
New software optimizes kinematics and plans paths for custom robots handling multiple axes. Flexible Robotic Environment (FRE) software was written by Bicommerce LLC, Rapid City, S. D., and it also acts as a motion platform.
Two vital resources: Water and natural gas 4
Global energy demand outpaces supply, so within the next decade, Americans can expect gasoline shortages, blackouts, and the general instability of an energy crisis. Sale gas buys us time ... but like energy use, global water demand outpaces practical supply.
Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Badger banter
What is the angle θ at which Roger begins to leave the surface? Let's find out.
Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Free for ball
If the ball's spin is directed as shown as it tumbles towards one very tightly covered receiver, and it's gyrating at Ψ = 4 rad/sec, what is its angular velocity? Here's the answer.
Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: This ship is a-sailing
The cannon, which sits at sea level, has a velocity of 82 m/sec. At what angle must the cannon be elevated to hit the pirate ship?
Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Shell Shocker
If the slug shooter is based on conventional railgun design, how far can he reach with each shot? Let's find out.
Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: A Stupid Dream
How high must Thrasher start from to be able to make it safely around the loop without falling off due to gravity? Let's find out.
Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: A Stupid Dream
Assume there’s no friction on the track and kitty has perfect balance. From how high must Thrasher the Cat start to make it safely around the loop without falling off due to gravity?
Try your hand at these physics puzzlers
Try your hand at these reader-submitted puzzlers tailored to engineers. You may just remember a thing or two from all that physics and calculus tucked away in the recesses of your brain.
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