Elisabeth Eitel


Elisabeth Eitel was a Senior Editor at Machine Design magazine until 2014. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fenn College at Cleveland State University.

Pumps Inside Arteries Help Cardiac Patients
Procyrion’s intra-aortic pump supports the natural function of the heart. It’s driven by a tiny electric motor and gets charged wirelessly through the skin.
Edge-Processing Machine Gets Good Controls
Axis Robotics Inc. does consulting and short-run manufacturing for semiconductor equipment. Recently, it built an edge-processing machine that operates like a three-axis CNC machine — but only for one specific operation. Controllers from AllMotion move three of the machine’s axes.
Essentials of Test-Bed Design: Compensating for Impact in Fighter-Jet Refueling
The Navy wanted a better way to test fighter jets’ aerial refueling components, because old setups didn’t accurately simulate the impact between a jet’s probe and the refueling drogue. So Moog CSA engineered a new test bed to more accurately simulate the forces.
3D Printing Goes Big-Time for Small Production Runs 3
Manufacturers worldwide use additive manufacturing to build prototypes, but now 3D printing is finding use in short-run manufacturing for plastic production parts made in small to medium quantities where traditional tooling isn’t up to speed.
Interview: Toy-Company Founder and Female Engineer on Girls in STEM 2
Toy-company founder and female engineer on girls in STEM
On Location: What We Saw at PTC Live Global 2014 Last Week
Live Global is the annual event of software company PTC — to give engineers a chance to network and get training. Here's some of what we saw at the show — including presentations of the new version of Creo and another tool called ThingWorx.
Energiewende versus energy hodgepodge 2
The XL pipeline’s south leg has been fixed, but the north leg is on hold — even while the EPA makes proposals that effectively promote natural gas. Meanwhile, Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition) program threatens the stability of energy prices. Who’s making the better call?
Basics of Rotary Encoders: Overview and New Technologies 2
Whether incremental or absolute, magnetic or optical, rotary encoders track motor shaft rotation to generate digital position and motion information. Their use proliferates in industrial and commercial designs.
CFD Software Automatically Models How Moving Parts Affect Airflow 2
New computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) software automatically makes meshes every time-step, rendering cases with moving people as simple to analyze as static cases. Automated meshing operates in parallel with runtime modeling.
Software Review: Updated Hypertherm ProNest CAD/CAM Software 2
An update to Hypertherm’s ProNest CAD/CAM software is now available to make it easier for engineers fabricating or cutting metal to boost productivity and the quality of cuts in shipbuilding, manufacturing, automotive, and other applications. The update is free to customers with a current ProNest subscription; simply login to the Knowledge Base at hyperthermcam.com and download it.
Sensor Sense: Wirelessly send power and signals

Many sensors need to send power and control signals through barriers, between stationary and movable equipment, and over rotating or exchangeable machine sections.

Soft-Touch Robots Nix Complicated Kinematics and Delicate Force/Torque Sensors with Software to Improve Complex Machining
Polishing, machining, and grinding are now easier with soft robots using direct-drive low-inertia links instead of series-elastic actuators or kinematics fitted with force/torque sensors.
Exclusive interview: Gill Pratt on how compliant actuators revolutionized robotics 1
DARPA’s Gill Pratt explains compliant actuators for robotic design.
How thrusters and controls on NASA’s LADEE work
Using a set of three instruments on the LADEE, scientists are measuring the chemical composition of the moon’s atmosphere. They also hope to determine whether lunar dust, electrically charged by sunlight, caused a presunrise glow above the lunar horizon during several Apollo missions. Here’s how the craft uses two thrusters and centralized controls to get around.
No need to worry about (most) country-of-origin labels 1
Some well-traveled poultry may go to China and back before reaching a frozen-food section near you ... and you may not even know. Here, we explore how most consumer-labeling regulations haven’t changed in years, though they do vary by product.
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