Douglas Hoon

Founder and President,
ComGraf, LLC

Douglas Hoon is a member of several small start-ups focused on sporting goods, advanced packaging concepts for portion-controlled foods and beverages, various consumer products, and safer guns. He previously spent almost 35 years in engineering fields related to precision optics and advanced composites manufacturing and innovation consulting. Hoon earned an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a B.S. in general engineering from the U.S. Military Academy. For more information, see his profile on


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Marketing Your Invention on a Shoestring 1
With respect to turning your invention into a side business, product development and commercialization turn out to be a very small part of the formula for success.
The Dandelion Theory of Management 2
Although I’ll never write my own book on management theory, I’ve come up with a great new perspective over the years, one that’s been reinforced every spring when the dandelions start to emerge.
Patent and Business Strategies for Inventors 2

Have you ever had a great idea and wished you could figure out how to get it to market, but you weren’t really willing to “bet the farm” on it? As someone who has been in that position on several occasions, I can share a few insights.

Managing Risks When Innovating Beyond the Core 2
“As you seek to acquire new customers and markets, or develop new have no domain knowledge; you’re playing in spaces that you don’t really understand. Very often you’re talking to customers who don’t even know who you are.”
Should Wooden Bats be Banned from Major League Baseball? 2

On June 5th this year at Boston’s Fenway Park, a fan watching the game was struck in the face by pieces of a broken baseball bat and received injuries initially described as “life threatening.” Fortunately, her prognosis now appears to be for a full recovery.

Discovering Unarticulated Market Needs

The importance of driving product development based on solid marketing data is a well-established tenet in most industries, and the tools for assessing these market needs are also well known. Many firms are available to assist companies when it comes to Voice of the Customer (VOC) services, including surveys, focus groups, ethnography, and structured interviews.

Trends of Engineering System Evolution
The concept of Trends of Engineering System Evolution can give you better insights and point you in directions that may prove beneficial.
TRIZ Plus – A Modern Tool for Enhancing Design Innovation 1

TRIZ, an acronym for a Russian phrase loosely translated as the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving,” has received little mention in Machine Design over the years.

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