The Thread-Milling Wizard from Seco-Carboloy, Warren, Mich., is a program that simplifies the complicated programming associated with thread milling by quickly generating CNC codes for specific threadmill cycles. The operator only needs to enter the type of thread, diameter, depth, and material.

The software then generates the machine code, greatly reducing setup time and creating a perfect thread from the first cut. It improves accuracy and thread tolerance by selecting the optimum cutter and cutter parameters. In addition, productivity increases by eliminating manual calculations and possible tool breakage.

Additional features of the software include: Built-in logic that can program a 180 or 90° arc into a cut to eliminate vibrations; three radial-cut division options; and five axial-cut division options, letting the user only select cuts that make a quality thread.

Seco-Carboloy is a worldwide manufacturer of carbide tooling and related products and systems. Download a free copy of company's thread-milling software at