Term Definition Abbe error A linear-positioning error caused by angular error, such as tilt and wobble, creating a measurement offset from the encoder and the linear plane of motion being measured.Accuracy Quantifies how far a reported position could be from the actual position. BacklashThe amount of free play between a leadscrew and nut, or worm and worm gear. Cosine error The amount of angular misalignment of the encoder in relation to the linear plane of motion.Dither A form of noise or erroneous signal data.Hysteresis The lag between a force of motion and the response of that force upon the encoder. Jitter The movement of a transmission signal in time or phase, caused by such factors as high-frequency data transmission and cable attenuation. RepeatabilityThe amount a reported position could be from the last visit to that reported position. ResolutionThe ability to resolve unique points along the axis of motion.

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