retrofits standard caliper disc and drum brakes found on most Class 1 and 2 vehicles (GVW less than 10,000 lb) and is completely enclosed and self-contained to resist wear and corrosion. Wet-type multiple disc brake features a spring-applied, hydraulic release design for parking and emergency braking and is equipped with a pressure override function for regular service braking. Maximum static torque rating for the parking/emergency brake function is 40,000 lb-in. at 0 psi, while the service brake override has a maximum dynamic torque rating of 30,000 lb-in. at 1,500 psi. At maximum torque, the brake has an initial release pressure of 500 psi and full release pressure of 600 psi. The spring-applied section of the brake requires 1.0 to 2.0 in.3 of oil, while between 0.23 and 0.46 in.3 of oil is needed for the service brake section.

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