Anew directionalcontrol solenoid valve from Eaton Hydraulics, Eden Prairie, Minn., is said to facilitate distributed control of hydraulic systems. It takes advantage of contemporary wiring practices to meet automotive-manufacturing specifications.

Vickers DG4V3 solenoid valves wire directly to M12 4-pin connectors on a Cutler-Hammer junction block mounted adjacent to the valve manifold. The trunk connecting the junction block and control cabinet carries 24-Vdc power and separate command and sensor feedback wires.

Power is distributed in the J-block and fed to solenoid valves along with solenoid command signals via the M12 cable sets. Current to each solenoid is switched on the valve and controlled by low-current (10 mA or less) command signals from a PLC.

The power supply, junction block, and cable sets from Eaton Electrical are said to provide costeffective control and wiring of hydraulic valves. It lets a compact, low-power, and economical PLC control full-power, 30-W hydraulic solenoid valves.

Advantages of onboard current switching include lower control costs, quicker installation with off-the-shelf components, and simplified start-up.

Standard features include plug-in coils with 30, 18, and 10-W ratings. They have LED indicators, surge suppression diodes, and are IP67 rated. Onboard electronic control of the coil current is optional. The ISO 4401 Size 3 valves are rated for maximum flows of 21 gpm, pressures to 5,000 psi, and tank line pressures to 3,000 psi.