For instance, steering and shift-linkage universal joints for race cars incorporate high-strength, alloy-steel yokes with permanently sealed drawn-cup needle bearings and a forged cross. The joint is axially stiff for push/pull loads, and units are available in a variety of materials. Custom steering assemblies for light-duty and recreational vehicles, including golf carts, ATVs, industrial-maintenance vehicles, and utility trucks are built to customer specifications.

Specialty automotive components are custom engineered to OEM specifications in aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratios, various grades of stainless steel, and plated alloys. High-strength, lighter-weight steering components are specifically engineered for the automotive market using state-of-the-art multiple-axis CNC machines and engineering systems technology. The complete line of universal joints includes a full range of military certified universal joints (MS20271 and MS20270 Series) that are used in defense and aerospace applications, as well as in auto racing and other shift-linkage applications.

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