The GN 924.3 two-spoked flat-faced handwheels, with a retractable recessed handle, are RoHS compliant and come in inch and metric sizes. The handwheel body is pressure die-cast aluminum with a powder-coated matte black pebble finish or a silver textured finish and the rim is concentric and square to bore. The locking handle has a zinc-plated-steel threaded spindle, a black-oxide-steel retracting mechanism, and a matte black nylon plastic hand piece. The removable plastic cover shrouds the assembly hardware and the shaft end.

When pulled upward into operating position, the handle locks into a conical recess. The handle can be folded down by drawing the handle back from the recess and laying it down into the neutral position inside the handwheel spoke. A compression spring holds the handle in both positions.

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