Direct fuel injection and turbocharging have long been used in diesel engines for power and fuel economy. Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich. (, is now taking that concept, calling it TwinForce, and using it in various consumer cars and trucks. Vehicles with a TwinForce Duratec 35 V6 engine should have 415 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, numbers usually associated with a 6-liter V8. The TwinForce V6 would also get 15% better fuel economy than a similarly powered V8, according to Ford.

Compared to conventional port-fuel injection, TwinForce direct injection more precisely controls how much and when gas is sent into the cylinders. This means combustion is more efficient. Meanwhile, twin turbochargers deliver more air to the cylinders and boost power. It also reduces emissions and the engine can burn E-85 ethanol. The Ford says its new technology will be on future Ford and Lincoln vehicles.