The stereolithography (SL) composite is heavily filled with noncrystalline nanoparticles. This reportedly lets it produce prototypes faster with less need for secondary finishing compared to competing composite SL materials. NanoTool has a flexural modulus of 10,500 MPa, a heat deflection temperature of 260°C (at 0.46 MPa after thermal post-cure) and linear shrinkage of less than 0.001 in. NanoTool SL parts are said to have good sidewall quality and resolution. Better sidewall quality reduces the amount of finishing need to sand layer lines. This makes it a candidate for applications that require highly finished parts such as those tested in wind tunnels for Formula 1, as well as in rapid tooling for injection molding and metal plating for prototyping metal cast parts. NanoTool parts need only a simple water honing process to remove surface residue left after SL processing.

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