Six new methacrylate from adhesives Huntsman Advanced Materials, Los Angeles, provide high-strength, quick-curing, and durable bonds for metals, thermoplastics, and composites.

The two-part Agomet adhesives are suitable electrical/electronics, transportation, marine, and general fabricating industries. Surface activation lets users apply the hardener/lacquer to substrates up to 30 days before applying the adhesive base. The methacrylates can also be hand or meter mixed.

The fast-curing F 300 has a 20,000-cps viscosity and a 3-min handling time. F305 is also fast curing, but features a 4,000-cps viscosity. F307, with a 400,000 cps is designed for meter/mix application. It has a 3 to 40-min work life and an 8 to 10-min handling time. F 310, a medium-viscosity system has a high lap-shear strength. F 311 is similar to F 310 but with higher viscosity and more lap-shear strength. F 315 is a no-mix, low-viscosity (2,500-cps) version that attains handling strength in 25 min but develops the highest shear strength (5,000 psi) after curing.

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