Here are a few frequently encountered terms in the lean literature: Five Ss are sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. These apply to a shop machine as well as an office desk.

Kaizen: Continuous improvement.

Kaizen event: A group effort that identifies waste and devises methods to eliminate it, or an action intended to improve existing processes.

Kanban: A tool for JIT. It signals replenishment for materials and maintains orderly and efficient flows of material through manufacturing.

Project board: A bulletin board with a timeline, action items, and duties for the team. It tells who is responsible for what.

Six Sigma: A statistical method to measure and improve a company's performance, practices, and systems by identifying and preventing manufacturing and service-related defects.

Stand-up meetings: Usually conducted at the start of the day at the project board to discuss what needs doing and what actions needs help. Standing up ensures brevity.

Value-stream mapping: Initiates a lean engineering or manufacturing program. It's a flowchart that shows movements of material and information through an office.