Hostaform acetal copolymer is used in the construction of a new sensor for washing machines. The copolymer has high thermal stability and resists oxidation. It also boasts or good electrical and optimum slip/low-friction properties and has good toughness over a wide temperature range (down to 40 °C).

A position/quantity sensor for a new washing machine from Miele, Gütersloh, Germany, automatically determines the weight of the laundry load. On the basis of this data, the electronic system calculates the optimum quantity of water, the necessary amount of detergent, and the individual spin speed.

The sensor consists of a coil formed around a bobbin made from Hostaform POM C 9021 from Ticona Engineering Polymers, Summit, N.J. A metal rod encapsulated by injection molding a slip-optimized Hostaform POM C 9021 SW moves inside the coil bobbin, generating a magnetic field. This unit is assembled onto the tub and the washing-machine housing by separate Hostaform POM snap-fit elements. As soon as the drum is loaded with laundry, the position of the tub changes, causing the metal rod to move inside the coil. The weight of the laundry is determined inductively and the data is sent to the washer's electronic system.