This is a problem for most conveyors with all their moving parts and recesses that can trap food particles. To help solve this problem, engineers at Dorner Mfg. Co., Hartland, Wis. (, designed the AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Series of modular conveyors. They have several features that let users keep them clean and safe. For example, the devices use USDAapproved solid urethane belts that hold up to 20 lb/sq in. And tension on the belt can be quickly released by tipping up the end pulleys, letting workers clean beneath the belt. The stainless-steel motor is mounted away from the conveyor and food. Structural members are solid, not hollow, and are all highly polished.

The modules are between 3 and 40-ft long, up to 3-ft wide, and can be ganged together. The conveyor belts run as fast as 233 fpm.