The SHM-50 is a complete sample-hold circuit containing a precision MOS hold capacitor and a MOSFET switching configuration, resulting in faster switching and a feed-through attenuation of 78 dB. With a small-signal bandwidth of 70 MHz, it is available in a through-hole or surface-mount eight-pin mini-DIP package. The device A TTL interface is also included within the specification.

The FET input-amplifier design provides fast acquisition times of 40 nsec for a 2-V step to ±0.01% accuracy, and 50 nsecs to ±0.005% — equivalent to 14-bit accuracy. Sample-to-hold settling times of typically 30 nsec to ±0.01% are also achieved while maintaining a considerably lower droop rate and an aperture uncertainty of just ±2 psec.

Requiring a supply voltage of ±5V, the SHM-50 has a typical power consumption of 225 mW. Operating temperature for the through-hole version is 0 to 70°C, while the SHM-50MM version is suitable for use from 55 to 125°C.

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