The transducers target companies that are or wish to be certified to ISO 9000 and must prove traceability to national standards. Relative standard deviation of repeatability is <±0.01%, the temperature effect on zero is <±0.02%/10°K and the linearity deviation, including hysteresis, is <±0.03%. This places the TB2 in the top category for accuracy of 0.05 as defined by DIN 51309 or EA-10/14 standards, and complies with the manufacturer's definition of accuracy Class 0.03.

TB2 transducers are quasi-hermetically sealed and protected to IP67 (optional) as defined by EN 60529. Strain gages locate on the inside of the structure for optimal protection against environmental attack. They work for nonrotating applications in both static and dynamic modes and come in six rated measuring ranges: 500 N-m; 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 kN-m.

The transducers work with all full-bridge strain-gage amplifiers. For high-precision work the manufacturer recommends a DMP 40 digital precision measuring device or the ML38B precision amplifier module in conjunction with the TB2. The amplifiers work with different PC interfaces and fieldbus systems.

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