A reconfigurable spindle, column, and way makes the MM400 machining module suited for applications that demand flexibility.

The Module-Mation MM400 three or four-axis machining module from SKF Precision Technologies, Grafton, Wis. (www.rtgilman.com), features a reconfigurable spindle, column position, way style, and compound X-Z or Z-Y axes to make manufacturing cells more versatile and economical.

It is designed for automotive, die-cast machining, and other high-volume metalcutting applications that require maximum flexibility. The MM400 module features a 500-mm Z axis and 400-mm X and Y axes. Traverse rate is 950 ipm, acceleration rate is 80 ips2, and thrust is 3,000 lb.

The unit is said to combine stiffness and responsiveness for machining aluminum, cast iron, or steel. The MM400 accepts 40 or 50 Milling Taper or HSK 63 tooling. Spindle options also include a 24,000-rpm, 22-kW, high-speed integrally motorized spindle; a high-torque, belt-drive spindle; or a six-position indexing turret head. Standard features include limit switches, lubrication systems, piping, wiring, steel way covers, pneumatic counterbalance, and a full CNC station.