The LPB precision gearhead with integrated pulley system from alpha gear drives Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill. (, is intended for applications such as beltdrive systems an dlinear modules, especially those with size limitations. The gearhead has a flange output, letting the gear reducer nest inside the pulley, eliminating the need for right-angle gear reducers, couplings and additional bearings. This eliminates parts, increases performance, and reduces cost and system engineering time.

The design puts belt tension over the double output bearing, which increases the radial load capacity of the belt and pulley, and lengthens the life of the output bearing. This design also eliminates a second bearing support assembly and the size of the gearhead.

The unit is available in sizes 70 to 120 mm, with ratios of 1:1 to 10:1. Efficiency is 97% and backlash is less than 12 arcminutes.