Spindle drive for dc motors

A new drive β€” the GP16 precision spindle from maxon precision motors inc. β€” combined with a dc motor makes it possible to transform rotary motion into axial motion.

β€’ Gearheads, motors, encoders, and controllers from maxon's standard program are used to drive the spindles; metric M6 spindle with a self-locking function, or a 5-mm ballscrew for efficiency, high load capacity, and no self-locking β€’ Axial bearing withstands high tractive and compressive spindle forces β€’ 14 planetary gearhead reduction ratios are available, from 4.4 to 850:1 β€” for feed forces of 35 to 370 N, and to 400 N for short durations β€’ Nine different brushed and brushless motors may be used to drive the system; controllers feature a wide range of functions as well as CANopen or EtherCAT

(508) 677-0520 β€’ maxonmotorusa.com

Direct-drive rotary stage

CCS series rotary stages from Aerotech Inc. feature integrated captured collet chucks to enable automated material handling.

β€’ Collet chucks used with the CCS family accept C, D, or Levin-style collets from machine-tool component suppliers in sizes supporting tube diameters of 0.1 to 27 mm β€” for outstanding runout characteristics in applications requiring high-precision gripping of tubular material β€’ Allows work-piece advance without manual realignment to compensate for axial tube motion during clamp/unclamp cycles β€’ Mounting features on the housing support wet-cutting accessories; the stage tolerates moderate fluid leakage into the aperture β€’ Direct-drive brushless motor technology means no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain, plus quicker acceleration and higher speeds

(412) 967-6854 β€’ aerotech.com/product-catalog/stages/rotary-stages.aspx

Tape-extension position sensor

WB25 Series Positape tape-extension position sensors from ASM Sensors Inc. suit applications requiring cable pulleys due to space limitations.

β€’ Flexible, stainless steel measurement tape is 10-mm wide, 0.08-mm thick; tape dust wiper cleans the tape each time it is retracted into housing β€’ Measures up to 12, 15, 20, or 25 m, depending on model β€’ 0.5 to 10 V analog output, and 0.5 to 4.5 and 4 to 20 mA; Β±0.05% linearity of full scale; magnetic encoder translates linear motion into electrical signal

(630) 832-3202 β€’ asm-sensor.com

Open-frame power supply

The MVAB120 Series 1U open-frame 120-W ac/dc power supply from Murata Power Solutions Inc. is suitable for industrial applications.

β€’ 2 Γ— 4 Γ— 1.35-in. supply minimizes waste heat; delivers up to 75 W; single-output models include 12, 24, or 48 Vdc β€’ 90 to 264 Vac and 120 to 300 Vdc input, withstands -10Β° to 50Β° C β€’ Over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protections

(800) 233-2765 β€’ murata-ps.com

Thermal imager

Omega Engineering Inc. OSXL-I Series (FLIR I Series) thermal cameras are compact and lightweight.

β€’ Point-and-shoot camera, focus-free lens stores up to 5,000 jpeg images with thumbnail image gallery β€’ Easier, faster, more accurate, and safer to use than infrared thermometers β€’ 2.8-in. LCD color display simplifies temperature reads, allowing location of energy loss and moisture damage, documentation, energized-equipment detection, uptime maximization

(800) 726-6342 β€’ omega.com/pptst/OSXL-I_Series.html

Inching-drive option

An inching drive option from Rexnord Corp. is now available for the Falk V-Class gear drive.

β€’ Inching drive enables full-load inching operation on the gear drive, allowing slow-speed operation of equipment for inspection and maintenance β€’ Drive can also run continuously to prevent freeze-up of components in harsh or cold environments β€’ Utilizes Falk Ultramite gear drive mounted to the main gear drive, coupled via an overrunning clutch β€” allowing automatic disengagement when main motor operates

(414) 643-3000 β€’ falkv-class.com

E-Stop Button with illumination

A 30-mm Mount Illuminated Emergency Stop pushbutton from Banner Engineering Corp. combines status indication and safety.

β€’ Highly visible illumination, integrates EZ-LIGHT logic β€’ When button is pushed, the yellow illumination turns to a flashing red to alert operators of an emergency stop condition; yellow illumination can also turn to a steady red indication when a STOP condition exists by applying an external signal via the M12 QD connector β€’ IP65-rated design and mounting base, lower installation costs; can be interfaced and series connected with CSS Series Hookup Cordsets β€’ Flush (surface) mount models also available β€’ Safe Break Action to ensure contacts open if block is separated from actuator β€’ Push-to-stop, twist-to-release, or pull-to-release actuator and direct (positive) opening operation compliant with ANSI B11.19, ANSI NFPA79, ISO 13850 and IEC/EN 60204-1 Emergency Stop requirements and meets worldwide safety standards with a red button and yellow background

(888) 373.6767 β€’ youtube.com/watch?v=qc2cwAd-VZk

Bonding withstands vibration, mechanical shock

MasterSil 153 two-component silicone from Master Bond features easy handling with a one to one mix ratio by weight and its paste consistency allows for precise application in electrical, aerospace and medical applications.

β€’ Low exotherm and long working life of 5 to 7 hours at room temperature; self priming system, which enhances bonding abilities to a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substrates, including most metals, plastics, glass, ceramic and cured silicone rubber β€’ Withstands -65Β° to over 400Β° F β€’ 20-35 Shore A hardness improves repairability; excellent electrical insulation capabilities, superior water resistance

(201) 343-8983 β€’ masterbond.com/properties/thermal-cycling-resistant-adhesives

Pneumatic valves

The NITRA line of AutomationDirect pneumatic products has been extended to include air pilot valves, foot pedal valves, and manual control valves.

β€’ AVS-5 series now includes single and double-pilot directional control air pilot valves, offering spring return or center-closed operation β€’ NITRA CVS series directional control foot pedal valves are five-port (four-way) spool valves designed for non-electrical operator control applications; momentary or latching operation models, foot pedal valves feature a ΒΌ-in. NPT port with 0.80 flow coefficient β€’ Manual valves in toggle-style hand lever, push-pull, and rotary-style hand lever models; aluminum alloy bodies, available port sizes from 1/8 to Β½-in. NPT with flow coefficients from 0.78 to 5.29

(800) 633-0405 β€’ automationdirect.com/manual-air-valves