A harmonic suppression function reduces stepmotor torque vibrations by correcting or shaping the driver current waveforms, particularly at lower motor shaft speeds. Another function suppresses the vibration signal levels in the midspeed range. These four control functions provide smooth operation over a wide speed range. The driver’s constant-current-drive strategy operates over a 20 to 75-Vdc range. Effective current reaches 6.3 A peak (4.5 A RMS) per phase.

The system comes in two stepmotor frame sizes, each offering three models. The first Series includes the RBK264A, 266A and 268A with holding torques ranging from 68 to 240 oz-in. The RBK296, 299, and 2913, have holding torques of 310 to 910 oz-in.

The second Series, the IP65-rated motor package, has the same two frame sizes (RBK264T and RBK296T) and three models each with similar holding torques.

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