The average particle size of The technology works on paper and polymers, and costs less to process than semiconductor technology. This can help  drive widespread commercialization of radio-frequency identification (RFID) for inventory  control and can foster adoption  of electronic paper for e-books,  thin-film batteries, flexible displays, and organic light-emitting diodes.</p> <p>The silver powder also has  applications in conductive  surface-mount adhesives and  inks for connecting lines for  denser circuits on cards and  boards in smaller, faster electronic devices. </p> <p>The powder's surface  chemistry can be tailored to  optimize specific properties.  And conductive inks, pastes, and  adhesives made with them will  have better controlled rheology  and viscosity to produce finer,  sharper line definition and lower  deposition weights for printed  circuits. This gives designers  more freedom to incorporate  electronics into broader applications than previously possible.</p>  Additionally, the properties of Nano Silver 7000-95 offer advantages in nonelectronic applications. Silver kills odor-causing bacteria and neutralizes ammonia. Nano Silver 7000-95 promotes these activities, making it suitable for such emerging applications as antimicrobial-coated textiles for performance apparel, infection-resistant medical devices, and glazes for sanitary ware that permanently inhibit odors and stains without chemical cleaners.   <p><b>MAKE CONTACT<br />  Ferro Corp.,<br />  (216) 641-8580,<br />  </b><i><b><a