The chassis supports VME, VME64X, VXS, VPX, PXI, or CompactPCI backplanes. The power supply has 115 to 240-Vac nominal input, 90 to 264-Vac operation input, and 250 to 600-W output. The power supply sits in the rear-enclosed bottom or optional front plugin. There is a 150-cfm fan under the front PCB area for cooling. Additional space has been allotted for two additional 60-mm, 20-cfm fans. The unit’s open-frame design eliminates the use of expensive extender boards during electrical-circuitry testing. The platform’s all-aluminum construction includes a 901 Series extruded guide-deck assembly with flameproof protection. Front rails featuring stainless-steel inject/eject plates assure long insertion/extraction life.

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Multiplatform Backplane Chassis