The P-653 piezomotor linear slide is significantly smaller than other miniature linear stages and provides significantly higher velocities and resolution. This true linearmotor system (no conversion of rotation) consists of only four parts and can replace classical drive elements like miniaturized motor/ leadscrew systems or other linear motors. It hits 200 mm/sec (8 ips). Measuring only 8 mm long, it offers a travel range of 2 mm and submicron resolution, combined with a holding force of 0.15 N (0.5 oz). The moving slider and piezomotor are delivered assembled as a unit and already mounted on a PCB driver board requiring only 5-Vdc supply voltage. Motion is controlled by TT Lvoltage pulses applied to the driver electronics. The self-adjusting driver creates the high-frequency nanometer- level oscillations (~500 kHz) that make the ultrasonic ceramic motor move.

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