A new line of motors from Leeson Electric Corp., Grafton, Wis. (www.leeson.com), is designed for just such applications. The all-stainless-steel motors are available in 0.5 through 10 hp, and outputs of 1,140, 1,750, and 3,450 rpm. Frame sizes include 56C, 143TC, 145TC, 182TC, 184TC, 213TC, and 215TC. The motors use Viton O-rings, seals, and gaskets that, together with the stainless-steel construction, let them withstand corrosive washdowns with solutions of caustic lye, acids, alkalines, bleach, and concentrated surfactants. Exterior fasteners were kept to a minimum to lower the number of potential entry points for liquids. The manufacturer laser etches nameplates onto frames to avoid rivet holes and a plate that could shelter moisture and bacteria. The motors meet TEFC and TENV standards for enclosures, and are BISSC certified for bakery applications.