The switch measures 10 2.5 mm with a height of 4.5 mm, excluding the actuator. The 1K2 is available with 2.54-mm pitch pins for end-to-end or side-by-side stacking on a 2.54-mm pitch board and comes in straight or 90° versions. The single-pole singlethrow switch comes in two actuator heights: standard (red) or raised (black). The raised version is suitable for through-panel operation. Contact material is goldplated-nickel, with a tropicalized version, including extra gold plating for operating in saline or damp conditions. Operating temperatures are -40 to 85°C. The 1K2's contact power rating is 6-W nominal power with the capability of switching 24-V maximum, and contact resistance is <22m Lifetime rating is 1,000 operations or 10,000 mechanical operations. The 1K2's fully sealed base makes it compatible with solvent cleaning.

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