LC-9.5 positioning stages, complete with motor, fit into a tiny 10 3 40 3 10-mm envelope and provide a straight-line accuracy of 0.0005 in./in. or 0.01 mm/25 mm of travel. Repeatability is 0.0001 in. or 0.0025 mm. Applications include high-accuracy intermittent positioning of fiber-optic components, in-vitro diagnostic instruments, robotic sampling, adhesive deposition, and positioning of lenses and other optical devices.

A lightweight aluminum base and carriage contain two rows of precision ceramic ball bearings separated by a stainless-steel retainer and roll between two steel raceways on either side. The raceways for the 1/32-in. balls are hardened and groundsteel sections. This straight-line design lowers the coefficient of friction because rolling elements are separated from each other and don't turn corners or describe an oval path as in recirculating designs.

A one-piece base includes an integral slide base and motor adaptor. Standard mounting holes in both the base and carriage ease installation and eliminate associated tolerance buildup issues and component costs. The leadscrew has a 1.2-mm diameter with a 0.25-mm lead. Total slide travel is ±4.25 mm from the center or a total of 9.5 mm. A compression spring between the Delrin leadscrew nut and base end preloads the nut to cut backlash. The stages come with or without a stepper motor.

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