The 450-μmthick multilayer cast film keeps the coffee fresh, but its flexibility is equally important.

The pack contains two compartments, each containing a ready-blended liquid concentrate. Consumers squeeze the contents with their thumbs in a pumping action. This aerates the liquid until it froths.

The Sara Lee Innovation & Quality Center team, worked for several years with thermoforming experts at RPC Cobelplast to develop the packaging.

RPC Cobelplast developed the translucent polypropylene multilayer cast film that is compatible with the aseptic FFS (form-fill seal) equipment and supported the project from early development through production. Specialized facilities at the RPC Cobelplast laboratory for material and form evaluation enabled feedback on the many trial and test runs conducted during development.

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Café Switch coffees in “pump and froth” packs come in three flavors packaged in single-serve portions and packs of six.