Bishop-Wisecarver has added the QuickTrak Linear Guide with proven DualVee Motion Technology® to its family of guided motion systems and components. QuickTrak is an off-the-shelf solution that reduces design and installation costs by easily integrating into machine configurations. The new belt or screw driven QuickTrak systems are ideal for light industrial use in laboratory, medical and packaging applications where precision guided motion and corrosion resistance are critical.

QuickTrak's proven DualVee® guide wheels, components, and assemblies offer the highest level of motion performance and design flexibility. High speed DualVee technology provides long length, antifriction movement and reduced noise and vibration. Multiple mounting holes on the versatile wheel plate offer easy configuration for single and double axis gantry applications. This innovative lubricated linear guide system requires only minimal attention after long maintenance intervals.

QuickTrak is constructed of rugged corrosion resistant materials and is impervious to most laboratory chemicals. The product's performance can also be upgraded with peripheral accessories and adapted to multiple industries and applications. A complete range of aluminum, machine building construction and framing is available.