This selfleveling liquid adhesive is water-clear and maintains its clarity. Tensile elongation is 150%. It forms a transparent protective barrier that can minimize shattering of delicate or fragile items. The adhesive is a 100% solid, 1:1 epoxy formulation, with no VOC emissions. It has a mixed viscosity of 3,500 cps, a working time of 30 to 40 min, and a functional cure time of 8 to 10 hr. After 24 hr, the adhesive has a tensile lap shear strength of 1,200 psi (per ASTM D1002 on grit-blasted steel), a peel strength of 50 pli, an impact resistance of 15 ft-lb/in.2, and a hardness of 55 Shore D. It resists hydrocarbons and withstands service temperatures from 40 to 175°F (dry).

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