The A1301 and A1302 ratiometric, linear Hall-effect sensors in a SOT23 package are rated for operation to 150°C. Output voltage is 50% that of supply voltage and output sensitivity is 1.3 and 2.5 mV/G. The sensors are for use in linear and rotary position-sensing applications over extended temperatures, from 40 to 125°C. The A1301 is the more sensitive device with a target of 2.5 mV/G while the A1302 is a 100% drop-in replacement for the A3503 with a sensitivity target of 1.3 mV/G. Both sensors include a Hall sensing element, linear amplifier, and a CMOS Class-A output structure. Available packages include three-pin ultramini single inline, three-pin mini single inline, three-pin surface-mount SOT23-style, and a surface-mountable SOT89/TO-243AA.

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