Typical automotive applications include automotive seats, mirrors, window lift controls and door locks. Industrial applications include robotics, vending machines, and paper printers for point-of-sale systems.

The HC908 MCU includes 16 kbytes of Flash and 512 bytes of memory. The Smartmos analog IC provides high-density/high-speed logic with precision analog and high-voltage/high-current power circuitry. The MM908E621 and the MM908E622 feature four half-bridges and three high-side outputs with position and temperaturesensor drivers. With an analog IC that features four half-bridges, the MM908E626 allows for direct control of three dc motors up to 3A. In addition, the MM908E626 can be configured to run bipolar stepper motors in adjustable current control mode up to 600 mA and is qualified for hightemperature applications up to 115°C. Freescale Semiconductor Inc., 6501 William Cannon Dr. W, Austin, TX 78735, (800) 895-2000, www.freescale.com