Leadscrew assembly line — which includes Acme leadscrews, advanced coatings, and antibacklash nuts — eliminates backlash between the screw and nuts, maximizes system stiffness, and minimizes lost motion. Five different nut styles, from freewheeling nonantibacklash nuts to adjustable antibacklash nuts, are available. Manufactured from precisionground 303-stainless steel, the leadscrews come in diameters from 18 to 58 in. and leads as fine as 0.012 in. to fast leads as high as 1.25 in. The leadscrews are also available with the company's Black Ice coating (a PTFE coating process that eliminates flaking).

Antibacklash nuts are manufactured from self-lubricating polyacetal thermoplastic and are suitable for medical devices and food processing. Made from glass-fiber-reinforced polyester, the high-strength freewheeling nuts carry high loads and have high mechanical strength.

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