Giving your own test is a good way to evaluate job applicants ("Voodoo in the personnel department," Sept 2). I don't give psychological tests, just a simple test of the actual skills required for the job in question. I include problems ranging from trivially simple to fairly obscure and difficult. I limit the test to what I think almost anyone should be able to finish in under an hour. And it isn't how well applicants score on the test that counts. One of my best hires pretty much flunked it. The important results stem from how they handle the test and the ensuing discussion of their answers. If they can't do one of the problems, I try to see how easily they can learn how it should be done. I think it works because it gets beyond the artificial discussion of the applicant's resume and generates some spontaneous interaction similar to real work. I get some idea of what the applicant will be like on the job. And come on, Ron. Just when your column was getting really interesting, you didn't want to tell us the rest of your test results.