The compact Size 8 hybrid external linear actuator measures 21-mm square, and replaces four different components — a motor, coupling, leadscrew, and nut. A rotating Acme stainless-steel leadscrew is incorporated into the motor rotor, eliminating the need for shaft to leadscrew couplers. Available resolutions are 0.0015 to 0.04 mm per full step, which deliver thrusts up to 10 lb. While the standard Size 8 has 4 in. of visible leadscrew, leadscrew length, coil termination, and the external nut can be customized to fit application requirements. The leadscrew's mating nut translates along the screw, so as the motor steps, the leadscrew rotates but does not advance. For long leadscrew lengths, the screw end can be machined to allow the use of out-board bearing supports. The actuator is suitable for applications requiring precision positioning and rapid motion, including medical equipment, X-Y tables, instrumentation, automation, and valve control.

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