In M-mode, accuracy is ±1-mm rms to a range of 1,500 m, with a peak to peak of 70 psec (±5 mm). Peak pulse rate is 182 MHz. In I-mode, the GPX has eight LVTTL input channels, resolution of 81 psec, an infinite measurement range, and 5.5-nsec pulse-pair resolution. G, R, and M-modes provide either two LVTTL or LVPECL inputs. In G-mode, resolution is 40 psec, measurement range is 65 sec, and minimum pulse-width measurement is 1.5 nsec. In R-mode, the resolution is 27 psec, the measurement range is 40 sec, and the pulse-pair resolution is 5.5 nsec. In M-mode, resolution is 10-psec rms with a peak-to-peak of 10 psec, and a measurement range of 10 sec. Power consumption ranges from 39 to 45 mA.

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