Low-profile Goniometer stages have a travel range of ±10°. The smaller ST114-dc stage, with a rotation center of 53 mm, has an overall table size of 62 X 75 mm and is less than 42-mm high. This stage weighs 0.6 kg, has a maximum speed of 25°/sec, and can handle loads up to 50 N. The larger ST129-dc stage has a rotation center of 114 mm and an overall table size of 79 X 97 mm. This stage weighs 0.8 kg, has a maximum speed of 14°/sec, and can handle loads of up to 80 N. Rotation center deviation for either model is 5 m/°. Both stages have an integrated dc motor and come with either rotary or linear encoder for position feedback. They can be mounted to each other to produce rotation in two axes. Applications include the medical device, optics, photonics, and aerospace industries.

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