Permatex are noncorrosive, form-in-place compounds that need no mixing, cure at room temperature, and come in three versions: elastomeric rubber, silicone rubber, and anaerobic. They resist weathering and thermal cycling, and will not shrink or crack.

The Right Stuff Gasket Maker is a low-odor thixotropic paste that resists oil, withstands continuous service temperatures from -75 to 250°F, fills gaps to 0.25 in., and has enough flexibility to handle joint movement.

The nonflammable silicone-rubber compound seals rigid or flexible flanges and withstand continuous temperatures from -54 to 600°F. These low-odor, nonsagging pastes fill gaps to 0.25 in. and are formulated for outstanding oil resistance. Ultra Black Gasket Maker is eight times more flexible than cut gaskets when cured. Ultra Copper RTV Silicone Gasket Maker has 350% elongation and is three times more oil resistant than acetoxy silicones. Ultra Grey Gasket Maker is designed for closely spaced bolt patterns and higher load conditions. Ultra Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker is formulated for bonding oil-contaminated metals and is three times more oil resistant than conventional silicones and eight times more flexible than cork/composite gaskets.

Permatex anaerobic are designed to prevent movement in rigid assemblies. Available in three formulations, the gels cure between close-fitting machined metal surfaces in the absence of air and withstand temperatures of -65 to 400°F.

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