The FEA results from a modal analysis for an engine block appear in FEvis Viewer. Users in this example can examine deformations from modes seven to 10. In addition to the menu selection on the inset window, several icons at the top let users zoom on the part, view it as an isometric, see it from different sides, and examine the deformed and undeformed block.
A visualization program lets users send each other interactive results. The Finite Element Results Publisher and Viewer (FEvis), from CAE Powertools, Clarkston, Mich. (, creates compact self-extracting visualization packages that can be e-mailed to clients, suppliers, and other engineers.

FEvis Publisher supports the import of finite-element models in Nastran (.nas, .dat) and Femap Neutral file (.neu) formats. Result formats include Nastran F06 (.f06), and Femap neutral (.neu) and binary results (.fno). Nastran Output2 (.op2) will be available soon. The developer says the viewer can do all that the Publisher can, except import FE models and results. The viewer can be distributed at no cost. The creator of the e-FEresults package can generate views or scenes that call attention to particular results and views, which can be redisplayed from within the Viewer.

The $895 FEvis Publisher includes the FEvis Viewer. A free evaluation copy is available from the developer's Web site.