The 5000 Series handles digital/analog measurement and control for voltage, current, temperature, and other inputs. PCBs, on which the product is based, can be supplied with factory-programmed application software or blank and ready to be configured. A single control can be used for multiple applications through a change in software. The controls are equipped with a separate front operator panel that displays numbers, indicators, pushbuttons, switches, or pots. The operator panel communicates with the control boards through a two-wire serial interface to facilitate interchange ability between the controls and the operator panels. Features include an onboard 10-A relay, 1-A solid-state relay, and external solid-state relay. Large output ports include onboard 30-A relay and 3-A solid-state relay. A thermistor temperature sensor is built in, as is up to 16k of program storage, a beeper, pushbuttons, and programmable LED indicators. There are three models: single input with dual output (Model 5003), dual input and output (Model 5002), and triple input and multiple outputs (Model 5001).

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